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Saint Vincent launched a new leak proof threaded nozzle-09e series

Peabody, Massachusetts, February 9, 2012... Saint Vincent injection molding industry launched a new leak proof threaded nozzle-09e series for the "plug and play" hot runner system

09e threaded nozzles are available in temperature control type and needle valve type. Its 9mm runner hole diameter (30mm mold gate) and the maximum injection volume of 250g make it an ideal choice for medium-sized products. These nozzles are shunt plates that are directly screwed into the hot runner, and a leak proof hot runner system can be provided without maintaining a large amount of dimensional data. These nozzles with external heating have a length of 60 to 400mm, and have external heaters and integrated replaceable thermocouples that are easy to replace

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09e nozzle was newly launched on the" plug and play "hot runner system product line of Saint Vincent. Saint Vincent's "plug and play" system is completely pre assembled with the requirements and tests of cj/t3012 ⑼ 3 "cast iron manhole cover", which is transported and installed directly on the mold. Therefore, they minimize the time of assembly, adjustment and installation. Saint Vincent's "plug and play" system is designed to be used in high standard product applications in the automotive, high-end consumer goods and electronics industries

Saint Vincent launched a new leak proof threaded nozzle-09e series

about Saint Vincent

Saint Vincent's injection molding industry is the technical leader in the hot runner industry. Since the 1970s, Saint Vincent and its predecessor have had a mature test standard for thermal viscosity testing internationally - ASTM f1921 began to provide heating runner services for tens of thousands of customers. The service industries include automobile, electronics, electrical communication, packaging, medical treatment Consumption, industry, etc

Saint Vincent has three production bases in the world, each with independent R & D, design, manufacturing and service teams. The plant in Bensheim, Germany serves the entire European market; The factory in Peabody, Massachusetts, serves the North American market; The plant located in Suzhou with 0.5% - 5% Mo content serves the whole Asia Pacific region. In addition to the three major production bases, Saint Vincent's sales and service representatives cover 26 countries around the world and can provide customers with the most timely services

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