Shenxingquan, President of Zhongbei University, ca

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Shenxingquan, President of North China University, came to Tianhai pump industry to discuss cooperation

president Shen Xingquan and his party had a detailed understanding of the product characteristics and performance, carefully inspected the production line, carefully listened to the overall introduction of the enterprise, and expressed the hope to strengthen the strategic cooperation with Tianhai pump, give full play to the talent and technical advantages of North China University in electronic information, computer, intelligent control and other aspects, and work together to build a new innovation ecosystem of "comprehensive coordinated development of industry university research park". At the same time, it is hoped that both sides will rely on their respective advantageous resources to continuously expand the field and scale of cooperation and achieve mutually beneficial and win-win development

Chairman Liu Yuanchang said that Tianhai's future development will inevitably follow the path of automated production and intelligent manufacturing. Zhongbei University and Tianhai pump industry are highly complementary in their cooperation. It is hoped that the two sides will strengthen cooperation and turn the talent and technical support of the school into an endogenous driving force for enterprise development, so that the cooperation can take root, blossom and bear fruit, achieve results and achieve win-win results

it is believed that the next cooperation between the two sides will be closer, broader and deeper

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