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Shengzhou, the capital of kitchenware in China, has witnessed a booming industrial cluster. The establishment of a hardware industry base is a major initiative in the development of China's hardware industry. With the rise of China's hardware industry, in the past 10 years, China Hardware Association has cultivated and named 34 industries to establish hardware industry bases, which is a great innovation in the development of China's hardware industry. With the rise of China's hardware industry, China Hardware Association has cultivated and named 34 industrial bases in the past 10 years. From traditional tool hardware, construction hardware, daily hardware, to emerging gas appliances, range hoods, integrated kitchens, shower rooms, hardware industry bases have now spread across Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shandong, Hebei, Henan and other provinces. But especially in the aviation and automobile industries, the vigorous rise of the hardware industry base has made outstanding contributions to the improvement of the overall level of China's hardware industry and the growth of local economy

Shengzhou, the capital of kitchen utensils in China, is a typical hardware industry base and a beautiful landscape for the hardware manufacturing industry to meet challenges and create new competitive advantages

on September 16, 2005, it was awarded the title of the capital of Chinese kitchenware by the China Hardware Association. In recent years, the kitchen utensils industry in Shengzhou has been growing and the industry has been significantly improved, which has made a certain contribution to the prosperity of China's kitchen utensils industry and the local economy and regional characteristic industries in our city

after nearly 20 years of rapid development, Shengzhou kitchenware industry, with range hoods, gas stoves and disinfection cabinets as its leading products, has formed an industrial cluster with strong industrial supporting capacity, and has a large industrial scale. It has the characteristics of complete varieties, strong quality awareness, high enterprise reputation and large export market, and occupies an important position in the national kitchenware industry

Shengzhou kitchen utensils industry started early. From the entrepreneurship in the 1990s to the development in the mid-1990s, after the rapid expansion stage in the late 1990s, it began to enter the deepening adjustment stage from 2002. In 2007, the sales revenue of the whole industry was 8billion yuan, accounting for 16% of the total industrial sales revenue of the city. There are 8 enterprises with fixed assets investment of more than 100 million yuan and 23 enterprises with fixed assets of more than 50 million yuan. 80% of kitchen electrical production enterprises adopt OEM production. Among the employees in the kitchen appliance industry, technology research and development and senior management have been strengthened. Most enterprises have formed a large-scale research and development team. There are about 1200 kitchen appliance technology research and development personnel, accounting for% of the total employees, and management personnel account for 20% of the employees in all kitchen appliance enterprises. Most enterprises have their own independent mold development ability. The mold investment of Enterprises above designated size is more than 5million yuan. Usually, except for cold-rolled sheet, all parts and electrical appliances are produced by themselves

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according to the research of Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Model Association, Shengzhou has nearly 450 kitchen utensils enterprises and corresponding supporting enterprises, with more than 35000 employees, forming 25 series products and more than 100 varieties. The annual production of 3.5 million range hoods, 4million gas stoves and 1.5 million disinfection cabinets, accounting for more than 30% of the national total. Through the development from small to large and from weak to strong, there are more than 70 enterprises with a middle-aged sales revenue of more than 10million yuan, nearly 23 enterprises with a sales revenue of 50 million yuan to 100 million yuan, and 8 enterprises with a sales revenue of more than 100 million yuan. The output value of Zhejiang Putian Electric Co., Ltd., a leading backbone enterprise, has exceeded 500 million yuan, and has built the first brand with great influence in the domestic and foreign markets and a certain market popularity and share. Among them, Putian range hood and gas cooker were rated as China's famous brand products and the first batch of national quality inspection free products of range hood, Putian was rated as China's famous trademark, Meiduo range hood was recognized as a national quality inspection free product, Zhejiang famous brand product Yitian trademark was rated as a famous trademark of Zhejiang Province, and Shengzhou kitchen utensils industry was recognized as a professional trademark base of Shaoxing City in 2007

Shengzhou kitchenware products have been mainly sold domestically and have a certain brand marketing foundation. Under the background of the current white hot domestic market, actively explore the international market to become an adaptive choice for the kitchen utensils industry in our city. First, in the name of the capital of Chinese kitchenware, the group participated in the International Hardware Exhibition held in Cologne, Germany, Dubai in the Middle East and Las Vegas kitchen supplies exhibition in the United States for three consecutive times. Through trade fairs, enterprises can understand the international market and meet new customers by participating in some foreign kitchenware exhibitions. Second, in order to gradually go abroad, the enterprise has recruited a large number of foreign trade talents to establish the Ministry of foreign trade, and recruited several senior engineers with high salaries to develop new products that adapt to the habits of foreign consumers. Third, establish a new trade platform through international interconnection. Xiangmeiduo company has met customers from Europe, the United States and other places through the modern tool station. At present, the 3000 sets of European range hoods that the company is producing are new customers in Australia through the Internet. Fourth, increase international general certification, such as Ross, GS, CE, ETL and other certification. By the end of 2007, the export delivery value has reached more than 80 million US dollars, which has achieved a breakthrough in the international market of kitchenware products, and exports at an annual growth rate of 120% - 150%

in the past years, Shengzhou kitchen utensils industry has made continuous progress towards the goal of becoming strong and striving for excellence with a firm and solid pace relying on the traditional spirit of courage and sword. Today's kitchen and bathroom industry in Shengzhou strives for perfection, forge ahead and pursue excellence with scientific and modern ideas. I believe that in the near future, we can see a more energetic and vigorous Shengzhou, a beautiful and graceful capital of Chinese kitchenware

the storm course of Shengzhou, the capital of Chinese kitchenware

in 1985, Du Chengyao lit a double gas stove in the simple factory shed in his Jiangzhen village, inadvertently igniting the spark of the capital of Chinese kitchenware, and embarked on a journey of kitchenware industry clusters in the next 20 years. Since the shuangfa stove factory in Sanjie town of Shengzhou began to produce the first gas stove, then stove enterprises have emerged in Sanjie Town, and gradually formed a massive economy dominated by the production of gas stoves. Similarly, Changle Town, which mainly produces motors, has changed from producing accessories to producing end product range hoods by virtue of the advantages of producing motors. The first rotary well brand range hoods have appeared, thus starting the production of range hoods

in 1985, Du Chengyao, a 30-year-old sheet metal master in Jiangzhen village, Sanjie Town, made the first self-made gas stove in a simple factory shed, all by hand. In the same year, Du Chengyao invested 150000 yuan to establish Jiangzhen stove factory

in the early 1990s, the narrow streets of Jiang town often saw the spectacular scene of foreign trucks gathering. In order to buy gas stoves, people with money in their pockets lined up in the Du family

wealth effect ignites entrepreneurial impulse. From the surging gold digging tide of cooking utensils in 1992 to 1994, it finally reached a climax. When Du Chengyao and his colleagues hurried along the road of digging for gold in the stove, Changle Town, a town famous for its electric machine, was breaking ground in its range hood industry

from 1992 to 1996, Shengzhou kitchenware entered a growth stage. With the expansion of the production scale of double engine stoves and rotary well brand range hoods, many suppliers and technicians left the big factories to establish their own kitchenware enterprises. The number of enterprises is increasing, but the scale is generally small

in 1996, Yangshan Village (now Sanyang Village) in Changle Town. Guo Linhua, who has been in the motor business for three years, tried to drive several fan leaves with the motor and smoke through the wind during an accidental experiment. With this vague idea, he began to assemble the range hood. As a result, a motor that had earned 3 yuan was installed into the range hood and earned 100 yuan

in this way, farmers have quietly taken another shortcut to wealth in market towns and rural areas such as Sanjie and Changle

from 1997 to 2001, Shengzhou kitchenware entered the stage of rapid expansion. Since 1996, the owners of private enterprises in Shengzhou have realized the huge return of the kitchen utensils industry and have entered the kitchen utensils industry. The kitchen utensils enterprises have expanded rapidly in both total and individual scale, and backbone enterprises such as Putian, Mido, Yitian have emerged

after completing the original accumulation of capital, these entrepreneurs no longer focus on their own family workshops. They began their migration journey and invariably focused on the economic development zone. Changle's range hood and Sanjie's stove, two products from the countryside, converge here and spark each other, because they grow in two links of an industrial chain

as a result of the integration, almost all of those who produced stoves in the early years or made range hoods now have three major pieces: stoves, range hoods and disinfection cabinets

with the increasing influence of Shengzhou kitchenware, many people set their sights on further places

since 2002, Shengzhou's kitchen appliance industry has entered a stage of deepening adjustment. While focusing on scale expansion, kitchenware enterprises have introduced advanced tubes from a plastic machinery company in Qingdao to bring its latest research and development of wood plastic furniture board equipment to the exhibition, and innovative marketing means, so that the enterprise continues to grow

in September, 2005, after a detailed investigation of Shengzhou kitchen utensils industry, the China Hardware Association concluded that Shengzhou kitchen utensils' current industrial cluster degree, independent research and development capacity, and production capacity have reached the first in the country

in September, 2005, China Hardware Association awarded Shengzhou the title of the capital of kitchenware in China. After 20 years of galloping, Shengzhou kitchenware, bearing glory and dreams, has won the only most authoritative brand in the kitchenware industry in China

in 2005, Shengzhou organized a total of 18 booths from 8 enterprises to participate in the international kitchen and bathroom appliances exhibition in Cologne, Germany, in the form of the joint exhibition of the city of Chinese kitchenware. The frequent attacks of Shengzhou kitchenware in domestic and foreign exhibitions have laid a good foundation for its future strategic expansion in the markets of Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other places

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