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Recently, shell (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as shell) and Zoomlion Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zoomlion) jointly held a Zoomlion shell new product launch conference in Guangzhou. Martin said: "ldquo; I believe that our research will open a new frontier in material science research. Yaoshu, deputy general manager of Zoomlion pumping business unit, xutaoran, director of Shell industrial lubricant sales, and other senior executives of both sides attended the event and made wonderful speeches. They witnessed the release of Zoomlion shell special oil with on-site guests. It is reported that the newly listed dual brand special oil, Zoomlion shell special oil CH-4 diesel engine oil and ci-4 diesel engine oil, has excellent lubrication performance, which can fully meet the lubrication needs of engineering machinery vehicle engines and provide exclusive lubrication protection

Zoomlion is a world-renowned high-end equipment manufacturer. In the field of construction machinery, it is a well deserved industry leader. The company not only independently developed China's first mechanical concrete pump in 1972, but also broke through numerous technical barriers and broke a number of domestic and global industry records. Site, Yaoshu, deputy general manager of Zoomlion pumping division, said in his speech: "If you want to do a good job, you must first 'moisten' your tools. Shell is very much in line with Zoomlion's lubrication needs for high-end concrete machinery and equipment. The release and listing of dual brand special oil not only marks the successful implementation of the first important achievement of cooperation between the two sides in the field of product research and development, but also indicates that the two sides will start a more comprehensive and in-depth merger to meet consumers' needs for safe and sustainable products. We look forward to further development in the future Take advantage of synergy, work together to create greater value for users, and promote the high-quality development of the construction machinery industry. "

Yaoshu, deputy general manager of Zoomlion pumping division, delivered a speech at the scene

at present, driven by multiple factors such as infrastructure demand and equipment renewal demand growth, the construction machinery industry continues to recover and the market demand is strong. It is predicted that the concrete machinery is expected to relay the excavator and become an important performance growth point of the industry enterprises. "As a leader in the lubricant industry, shell has spared no effort in serving Chinese construction machinery customers." Xutaoran, sales director of Shell industrial lubricants, said, "With the leading lubricating technology strength of the backdoor brand and the rich experience accumulated in the process of cooperation with the world-famous construction machinery and equipment manufacturers, this time we have cooperated with Zoomlion to develop a new Zoomlion shell special oil in combination with the working conditions of concrete machinery. We hope that through high-quality lubricating oil, we can help users achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase, so as to help Zoomlion win the first opportunity in the fierce market competition Get industry dividends. "

xutaoran, sales director of shell's industrial lubricants, delivered a speech at the press conference. At present, shell and Zoomlion have both surpassed metal heat-resistant materials in terms of high temperature resistance, and jointly unveiled the new Zoomlion shell special oils CH-4 diesel engine oil and ci-4 diesel engine oil. The two products are widely applicable to most turbocharged and non turbocharged heavy-duty diesel engines. Among them, Zoomlion shell special oil CH-4 diesel engine oil can adapt to most current engines with EGR system. The specially selected active anti-wear additive formula enables the oil to provide lasting dynamic lubrication protection for the engine under severe working pressure and temperature conditions; Zoomlion shell special oil ci-4 diesel engine oil can give the engine triple protection of wear resistance, sediment control and high temperature resistance, reduce the wear of parts, maintain the reliable power performance of the engine, significantly prolong the service life of the engine, and further optimize the use and maintenance costs. According to fenghuanjing, technical consultant of Shell industrial lubricants, "with excellent comprehensive performance and performance, the two special oils have been certified by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) including Mercedes Benz, Mann, caterpillar, Cummins and Volvo, meeting their engine standards."

"with today's new product launch meeting, shell will also take advantage of the situation to launch a variety of terminal promotion activities. Users can not only enjoy the discount of buying free oil products, but also win multiple benefits by placing an order through Zoomlion mall. Shell hopes that with the help of the above market activities, the above parameters can only be used for reference to influence Zoomlion shell's special oil brand and comprehensively promote the oil products to the market." Jia Kai, marketing director of Shell industrial lubricants, said

shell connects you and me, starting from the heart. As the leading brand in global lubricant sales for 12 consecutive years, 1 shell has always been unswervingly optimistic about the development of China's construction machinery aftermarket. In the future, it will, as always, implement the brand-new brand strategy of "shell driven industrial potential". Through deepening cooperation with industry leaders, it will make greater contributions to improving the brand value of construction machinery enterprises and industry competitiveness, and promote the prosperity and development of the industry


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[1] data source: Kline company, "global lubricants: market analysis and evaluation", 2018

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