Yongping County, Dali is the most popular county.

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The growth of China's plastic machinery industry in Yongping County, Dali has ushered in a golden period of scientific and rapid growth. A 100000 ton/year washing kaolin production line has been built in Yongping County, Dali. A 100000 ton/year washing kaolin production line has been built in Yongping County, Dali. January 15, 2009. The 100000 ton/year washing fine kaolin automatic production line in Yongping County has been completed and put into trial production. It is planned to be officially put into use in 2007

Yongping 100000 tons/year water washing fine kaolin automatic production line was developed by Yunnan Xinpeng kaolin Co., Ltd. with an investment of 30million yuan. Through the operation of the plastic granulator, the company has touched on a wide range of areas of the national economy to carry out technical research and repeated process flow. The description of the longitudinal load (tensile) test in the imported technical document is as follows: the conduit equipped with the connector can withstand the derivative amount of +8mm/m and hold the test for 10min. After the product is put on the market for free, it meets the customer's requirements, The construction of this "domestic advanced technology and first-class equipment" production line was started in February2006. The developed and produced Zhuopan kaolin products are mainly used to produce ceramics, paper, plastics, paint and other products

it is reported that the Yongping County automatic production line with an annual output of 100000 tons of water washing fine kaolin has good control performance after its completion. It is expected that the annual output value will reach 60million yuan, and the tax profit will be 6million yuan. It can provide 250 local rural surplus labor force with employment, which will play a positive role in expanding employment, cultivating tax sources and promoting local economic and social development

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