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Linxian piling mud separation equipment manufacturer [Yongfeng machinery]

Linxian piling mud separation equipment manufacturer [Yongfeng machinery meets environmental protection requirements and has pollution-free green packaging]

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product brand Lanxi Yongfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. product models are complete, production city Zhejiang shipping City Jinhua total supply 999999 minimum starting order 1 product unit price 6666666 unit of measure yuan product details

Linxian piling mud separation equipment manufacturer [Yongfeng machinery]

building piling (pile foundation) of Yongfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. after Lanxi removes broken test pieces Technology is the cutting-edge technology in the non excavation method. As one of the main systems of slurry piling (pile foundation), the slurry treatment system directly affects the construction progress and quality. One of the outstanding problems faced by the application of this technology is the treatment and reasonable application of slurry. The current method of pile driving mud treatment is to use tank trucks to transport the on-site mud water to the suburban dump and let it dry naturally. This kind of treatment is primitive and backward, which has caused many problems. First, the cost is high and the efficiency is low. When the construction is tight, the day and night transportation of tank trucks can not meet the construction schedule requirements

poor construction site environment; The mud water overflows everywhere, which makes it difficult to intervene. Engineering teams often suffer huge fines because the mud water leaks into the sewer and causes pipe blockage. In addition, tank trucks often spill mud water on urban trunk roads during transportation, which pollutes the city appearance and environment. The mud for pile driving shall be transported by tank car at least 20 yuan per m3. The mud shall be treated by the mud dehydration equipment. After the mud water is effectively separated, it is preliminarily estimated that the treatment cost can be reduced by more than 40%. It can be used for on-site mud water treatment to fundamentally replace the current original and backward treatment methods, improve the treatment efficiency, reduce the treatment cost, protect the urban environment and achieve on-site civilized construction

the equipment for pile driving mud treatment effect is the belt filter press, which can effectively separate mud and water, facilitate the control of mud indicators, facilitate the reuse of mud, improve the project quality, save mud making materials and reduce the construction cost

this slurry treatment technology can achieve a lower moisture content of the slag material, which is conducive to reducing environmental pollution. The muddy water formed by the soil and sand in the pile driving (pile foundation) construction I is output and separated into soil and sand and recyclable mud by the belt filter press, which is transported away by truck in the form of soil and sand. The main equipment of the piling mud treatment system is a belt filter press. The mud treatment system consists of a dosing system, a sand removal and purification system, a dosing system, a slag removal system, a recovery mud tank and a mixing mud tank

during pile driving (pile foundation) construction, the pumping system can be selected according to the design of the environmental system to ensure the reasonable flow of the mud and the gravity dehydration section of the pressure conveyor belt filter press. After the forced roller pressing and dehydration, most of the sand particles are removed after the sand removal separation and sludge dehydration. When the rotary drilling rig is driving in the sand gravel layer or medium sand layer, the mud has met the requirements after the sand removal and purification system. Djsfhjklshfj [Yongfeng machinery]

is a constant subject for manufacturers. Only by being proactive and innovative can we survive better. The ancients often said that "the golden cup and silver cup are not as good as the public praise of consumers". The public praise of consumers of sand washing machines is the most important as to what kind of products and services they provide. Many people may think that today's consumers should judge whether they consume enterprise products or not, which is difficult to serve. In fact, it is not difficult to establish a good public praise in the hearts of consumers of sand washing machines. Lanxi Yongfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of sand washing machines. Compared with the whole market, the quality of the sand washing machines we produce is still strong. Moreover, the super high sales performance of the sand washing machines has brought us a good reputation. So what is the factor that makes the sand washing machines of Lanxi Yongfeng machinery have such a good reputation? In fact, it is very simple. Our sand washing machine has excellent performance, which is reflected in three aspects: the economic benefit of the sand washing machine is good: the storage hopper capacity of Lanxi Yongfeng mechanical sand washing machine is very large. 3. there are almost no wearing parts except screen. 4. long service life without maintenance for a long time. Sand washing machine is widely used in the market. 2. As a washing equipment used in practical work, we must first pay attention to our own technical quality. Sand washing machine is widely used in the market. The use of sand washing machine ensures the product quality of artificial sand production. In the production of sand washing machine, to ensure the application of sand washing machine in the market, we must first ensure the innovation of sand washing machine. The innovation of sand washing machine should start from technology. The sand washing machine has the characteristics of reasonable structure, low power consumption, high cleanliness and large processing capacity. Due to the small loss of sand in the sand washing process, its rotating part is isolated from water and sand, and the low failure rate. At the same time, it is widely used in sand and gravel plants, hydropower stations, construction sites, traffic roads, mud mixed dams and other industries, and has become the best choice for upgrading the domestic sand washing industry. According to its appearance and principle, it can be divided into: water wheel sand washer, vibration sand washer, drum sand washer, screw sand washer, etc; 2. the damaged second expert suggested that the polar tube should be used continuously. When it is found that the silicon rectifier generator does not generate electricity or the charging current is very small, it may be caused by the damage of the diode. It shall be replaced immediately after investigation. If it is used continuously, one or two phases of stator winding will be burned. 3. electrolyte is not adjusted according to seasonal temperature changes. This will make the battery plate unable to work in the electrolyte with * * * specific gravity, which will greatly shorten its service life. In addition, in winter, the electrolyte is simply frozen and the battery is damaged. 4. do not pay attention to the grounding polarity when installing the battery of silicon rectifier generator. In this way, the battery will be short circuited due to the conduction of the diode, and the silicon diode will be burned quickly. Therefore, when installing the battery, the positive and negative poles of the battery must be correctly identified and can be connected only after they are confirmed to be correct. 5. remove the grounding wire between the regulator and the generator. The locomotive electrical system is a single line circuit, so many drivers mistakenly believe that the grounding connection between the generator and the regulator can be omitted (using the engine body as the grounding connection)

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