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Inveterate is about to make a wonderful appearance in 2015 China International Automobile Trade Fair. From September 19 to 22, 2015 China International Automobile Trade Fair will be grandly held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. As the leader of electronic control products for new energy vehicles, at that time, Shenzhen, a subsidiary of inveterate group, will use a microcomputer to control. Inveterate electric vehicle drive technology Co., Ltd. will bring gvd350, gvd550 series of new energy vehicle main motor controllers, gvd500 series of auxiliary motor controllers and DC-DC converters to make a grand appearance, presenting inveterate's new electronic control products in the new energy vehicle industry. At the same time, inveterate will also show the electronic control system of MI pure electric commercial vehicles and the electric door control system of passenger cars. These two systems have been mature applied in relevant models of domestic well-known vehicle manufacturers, proving inveterate's strong R & D strength

exhibition information

location: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center

time: September, 2015

booth number: hall 2 2f087

the 2015 China International Automobile Trade Fair, organized by the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China, is the only national automobile product professional exhibition platform in China, which aims to promote the integration of the traditional automobile industry with the latest trends such as new energy and interconnection. It is the benchmark exhibition of the domestic automobile industry at present. This exhibition will focus on new energy vehicles and their electronic control and other spare parts, automotive electronics and information technology, automotive audio and video and other global leading new technologies and products, and focus on the latest trends of automotive technology development in the world today

with the increase of vehicles, environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, and the contradiction between people, vehicles and nature is becoming more and more prominent. The public will pay more attention to energy-saving and new energy vehicles. New energy vehicles are partially or completely driven by motors, so the performance of motors and controllers is very important, and they are the core components of electric vehicles. The design of motor controller is the key and difficult point in the whole new energy vehicle system. By virtue of the company's many domestic and international first-class technologies in the field of industrial automation and new energy and the valuable experience accumulated in the early stage, inveterate can provide the most appropriate products and solutions to new energy vehicles and related manufacturers to meet the needs of customers in terms of efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection and overall cost control. The new energy vehicle product scheme of inveterate has been mature and applied to the new energy vehicles of many domestic mainstream bus manufacturers. At the exhibition, many new products of inveterate will be unveiled one by one. At that time, our professional technology and sales team will make a comprehensive explanation of products and technologies. Chinese and foreign merchants are welcome to stop and watch and consult. We will provide you with the most satisfactory service and look forward to meeting you at the exhibition

about inveterate:

inveterate, founded in 2002, is committed to becoming a world leading and respected product and service provider in the field of industrial automation, energy and power. In 2010, it was listed on A-share 2 of Shenzhen stock exchange with the stock code of 002334. As a key high-tech enterprise in the national Torch Program, inverton now has 13 holding subsidiaries. In the 10 national research standards, it is also clearly stated that the tensile testing method of strip is distributed in accordance with the provisions of gb/t 228. It has applied for more than 700 patents. Its main products include high, medium and low-voltage frequency converters, elevator intelligent integrated machines, servo systems, PLC, HMI, motors and motorized spindles, SVG, UPS, photovoltaic inverters, etc. Inveterate now has 2 employees, such as more than 000 steel strands, 3 large-scale production bases, and marketing networks in more than 60 countries and regions at home and abroad

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