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On June 22, the second stop of the seminar on the application of servo products by inveterate, a new force in motion control, came to Guangzhou, Yangcheng, presenting a grand feast for nearly 100 users in industries such as printing and packaging in border areas where more than 80% of the diaphragms in Guangzhou and Zhou will be localized

as we all know, the printing and packaging machinery industry is a new pillar industry in Guangzhou in recent years. The printing and packaging machinery enterprises in Guangzhou have a sound R & D team and management system. The idea of paying attention to innovation and R & D has led to the continuous development and growth of the enterprises. The products such as filling machine, filling machine, sealing machine, wrapping machine, multi-functional packaging machine, labeling machine and container machine have gradually been recognized by foreign users. However, in the face of the competitive pressure brought by the leading foreign enterprises, the printing and packaging machinery industry in Guangzhou still has broad learning space. At this important moment when the industry is facing a new round of structural adjustment, technological upgrading and product upgrading, domestic enterprises need to develop enterprises and enhance competitiveness with a pragmatic attitude through independent innovation and in-depth digestion, in order to become a giant in the printing and packaging machinery industry. In the process of industrial upgrading, the servo control technology, as the supporting technology of industrial automation, will have great achievements, which will greatly promote Guangzhou printing and packaging machinery enterprises to enhance their core competitiveness. Yingweiteng chose Guangzhou as one of the promotion places for new servo products this time, which is to see the broad market prospect here

as the host of the meeting, yingweiteng electric can achieve a comprehensive examination of the stomach in about 15 minutes. In his speech, Deng Xiao, deputy director of the marketing department of the company, thanked the Industry Association for its attention and strong support for the development of national enterprises. At the same time, he also thanked the printing and packaging industry users in Guangzhou and surrounding areas for their consistent strong support for yingweiteng. He hoped that through this exchange, everyone would have a deeper understanding of yingweiteng

this seminar received strong support from industry organizations. Liuyihua, chairman of Guangdong automation society, and zhuzhiwei, Secretary General of Guangdong Packaging Technology Association attended the seminar to congratulate and give a warm speech. In his speech, chairman Liu spoke highly of yingweiteng, as a national enterprise, which is not satisfied with its leading position in the field of frequency converters, and actively enters the research and development of high-performance servo products to make efforts for China's intelligent manufacturing of mechanical equipment manufacturing industry. In his speech, Secretary General Zhu pointed out that Guangdong, as a big and powerful province of China's food and packaging machinery, has made certain achievements. However, due to the rapid development of China's printing and packaging industry, more high-end printing and packaging machinery is required, and the technology upgrading of the printing and packaging industry is inevitable. In this process, motion control products will also gain greater development space

in the special report session, Xi Xiaohai, marketing manager of inveterate, first made a report on the strength and Prospect of inveterate's servo technology. He first analyzed the development status of China's servo market, and then pointed out that inveterate spent two years developing and improving its core inverter technology through testing in hundreds of enterprises, Products comparable to imported servo technical performance contribute to the technological upgrading of China's equipment manufacturing industry. Inveterate will continue to increase research and development efforts and strive to break the monopoly of imported servo on China's high-performance servo market in three to five years

Dai Jianjun, product application manager of inverton, introduced the newly launched chs100 AC servo system from the aspects of product design concept and performance characteristics. It uses the optimal hardware platform combination of high-performance DSP and FPGA to achieve a 1:50000 wide speed regulation ratio. It has the advantages of mechanical resonance suppression, high dynamic response, high position control accuracy, position, speed, torque, position/speed, speed/torque Six control modes such as position/torque can be switched dynamically. In addition, the acting manager also introduced the application case of chs100 AC servo system in the printing and packaging industry

in addition to the lecture on the bonding cases of inveterate's own products and cases that can still use various adhesives under high temperature, inveterate also specially invited Zeng Qingshou, the representative of typical users and the general manager of Foshan Kezhen Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., to share the application of inveterate's servo products in horizontal packaging machines and vertical packaging machines, which dispelled people's doubts about national products through actual examples

wonderful speeches, warm interactive exchanges and exciting lucky draw constituted a perfect technical seminar. The on-site audience gave a high evaluation of this activity. Through the on-site understanding of products and services, many audiences showed great interest in the high-performance servo of inveterate and said that they would take inveterate servo as one of the important choices in the future

with the great mission of revitalizing the national equipment manufacturing industry and adhering to the service tenet of striving to improve the value of users, inveterate brought high-performance servo into Guangzhou to deeply understand the needs of users, serve users from zero distance, practically help users improve product quality, reduce production costs, release commercial value, and play a positive role in the industrial upgrading of Guangzhou printing and packaging machinery industry in adjusting structure, enhancing power and enhancing value

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