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Yingwei has you, so fearless

since yingweiteng returned to work, people from all departments have returned to their jobs one after another. They quickly adjusted their status and performed their duties for yingweiteng's rapid recovery of production and operation. They are rigorous and pragmatic supply chain people, functional people who are the first to serve, professional and serious R & D technicians, passionate marketers, passionate overseas people, and security brothers who are strict in control and meticulous cleaning aunts and uncles They, standing at the forefront of resumption of work and epidemic prevention and control, demonstrated the, responsibility and dedication of an yingweiteng person. In such a special period, I would like to thank every ordinary yingweiteng person. Yingwei has you. In the face of the epidemic, we can move forward fearlessly

recently, we interviewed some colleagues who have returned to work from various departments to listen to their return to work. In special times, let's see how the strivers feel about operating special drainage and exhaust devices and experiences

marketing center

regional sales center Hu ye

finally returned to the company and returned to a familiar position. After returning to work, the customer visits in the past have become return visits now, with different working methods but the same work objectives. I hope the epidemic will end as soon as possible and the traffic will return

Gu Pinyuan, the industry development center, was delighted to finally return to work. Returning to work means that we leave the house and return to normal. Returning to work means that the schedule we have worked out will no longer have to be shelved. The resumption of work means that the catastrophic epidemic has been effectively controlled. Returning to work means indomitable progress, development and opportunities. We can move forward bravely again. Come on, inveterate, come on, inveterate

Dai Lingyu of the business center followed the customer-centered principle in the past few days. I focused on three aspects: order planning, urgent order coordination and sales forecasting. I feel very lucky to be able to return to a safe and efficient working environment after the epidemic. I firmly believe that mountains and rivers are safe and that the days of peace in the world will not be far away

Daimin, the group's brand center, welcomed a special day of resumption of work on February 17. We did not have too many greetings and exchanges because we hadn't seen each other for a long time, but tried to work through communication. Leaders also advocated that we move desks and chairs and work in a decentralized manner to reduce the probability of virus infection. Everything is different from previous years, strange and true. At the same time, I also deeply feel the efforts and efforts of the company for its employees in the face of this epidemic. At the same time, I also believe that at this critical moment, everyone of yingweiteng people will be as written in our commitment. Because we all defeat the novel coronavirus for the same purpose and restore normal living and working conditions as soon as possible. This is a commitment for ourselves and our families, as well as for the company and the motherland

technology research and development

jiazhifeng, product testing team of the industry, the first thing I did on the first day of returning to work was to check and confirm the load instruments of relevant electrical boxes in the laboratory, confirm that the testing status is normal, and notify everyone to start the project testing after returning to work. The normally bustling and busy laboratory suddenly quieted down a lot. I hope to meet with my colleagues as soon as possible, work together to promote various tests of the project, and have more passion for working together

mengxiangming of Suzhou chief engineer's Office (the picture shows the R & D Department of Suzhou electric power after the resumption of work)

although the epidemic is dangerous, the product development department of Suzhou yingweiteng has been in full swing. The R & D personnel of Suzhou yingweiteng from all corners of the world, adhering to the R & D culture of professionalism, innovation, responsibility and sharing, are actively engaged in providing customers with better products and solutions. Go for yingweiteng, go for Hubei, go for China

emc test engineer Li Song

although this epidemic has stopped many colleagues at home, it has not affected their responsible attitude towards work. They have adopted online office, office and other methods to deal with work matters. As the first batch of personnel to return to work, I am honored to be able to participate in the post holiday work as soon as possible, so that the company can run normally as soon as possible. Finally, at this difficult special moment, we must do a good job in personal protection and work together to tide over the difficulties

Patent Engineer liyingjie

after several twists and turns, received the company's resumption notice on February 17. I arrived on time as before. The protection and inspection measures in the park are very strict. The building is also filled with the smell of disinfectant. Colleagues wear masks. Everyone is busy dealing with the work at hand. Occasionally, there are eye contact and long-distance short communication. Although it is difficult to start 2020, we are all working hard. Our on-site office colleagues stick to their posts, and our home office colleagues do not slack off to provide support at any time. Our hearts are linked and our goals are the same. Through this challenge, we will certainly build yingweiteng better

Zhang Feng, technical support engineer of the overseas business division, has a smart idea in the self pulling range to make the enterprise more safe. Before going to work, I was still a little worried about insecurity. I didn't expect that the disinfection and protection in the company were very considerate. Now I am completely relieved. Yingweiteng is the warmest patron saint of employees in various disinfection and sterilization records, personnel registration, mask distribution and other control actions

Sales Engineer wuzimu

as one of the freshmen recruited by the university last year, I didn't expect to have a very long and difficult winter vacation after graduation. February 10 was the first day I returned to the company. In the former office, there were mutual greetings from colleagues in the morning, interesting stories shared by salespeople on business trips, technical support and patient answers from seniors to newcomers, busy but not disorderly and efficient exchanges among business people, and the promotion of novel and interesting articles by the marketing department, but it was particularly cold that day. The cold wind was rampant in the empty office

17 when I returned to the company again, the bright sunshine was sprinkled on the desk through the glass window. Although the cold current did not dissipate, there was a little more warmth. I saw many familiar faces. Although I kept a distance through the mask, I could still feel very friendly. But there are still many friends who can't come back as scheduled. Please take good care of yourself. We are waiting for you in yingweiteng

Chen Li, overseas business Commissioner, vaguely remembered that on the first day of returning to work, I was a little excited. At that moment, I felt happy to be able to go to work. Enter a familiar office, turn on the computer and start to work orderly. The company's computer is much smoother than at home. The seats in the office are also more comfortable than at home, and the work efficiency is greatly improved. Looking around, all the partners in the office are working hard. I'm glad I can go to work during the special period of the epidemic

functional system

liuxiongwei, manager of the base management department of Bao'an factory, has not moved the troops and horses. In order to ensure the smooth resumption of the Fuyong base, on February 7, we have already prepared various materials, epidemic prevention measures and materials. Although the resumption application needs are complicated and the policies are changeable, we have adhered to the spirit of honesty, integrity, hard work and innovation of yingweiteng people, responded positively, patiently and optimistically, and achieved our mission

zhouwenhui, manager of the group's safety management department, has been fighting against the epidemic situation, and the safety personnel of yingweiteng have been acting all the time: we have organized the disinfection and sterilization work covering the whole area of the company; Each entry and exit of the company is equipped with quarantine and temperature measurement to conduct comprehensive epidemic prevention and inspection on the entry and exit personnel and vehicles; Promote the storage of epidemic prevention materials of the company, and provide everyone with standard masks every day; To prevent dining infection and optimize the catering scheme; Organize and implement the epidemic prevention safety training, follow up and verify the daily return to work and other work, fully implement the "eight one" requirements of the competent department. In fact, the industry still has the product requirements of adopting other kinds of materials. The successful return to work of the company after obtaining the approval is inseparable from everyone's efforts. We look forward to the safe return of relatives who have not returned to their posts! The relatives who have arrived at the post work at ease. We will move forward together with you, me and him in terms of health and safety

sunwei, administrative manager of photovoltaic human resources department

with the joint efforts of all of us, yingweiteng has become the second company approved to return to work in the street. I feel very happy to be able to go to work normally due to various difficulties on the way back to work. With 10 months left in 2020, roll up your sleeves and work hard

Chao Changjie, HR Director of the group (the picture shows working at home)

during the epidemic period, I sorted out and checked the employee information day and night, became a cousin, and became a soldier and firewall to protect the yingweiteng family. Although I worked very hard every day, I protected every yingweiteng family with dedication and hard work. At this moment, I really understood the meaning of life and the value of work, adding a brilliant rainbow to my life path, During this period, I would also like to thank every yingweiteng family for their support and help in my work. With your joint efforts, we will go hand in hand. I firmly believe that we will win this sniper battle. Inveterate come on! Come on, China

On February 17, the long holiday shrouded by the epidemic finally ended, and yingweiteng Guangming industrial park became lively. Those who make bold choices and stand up to the test, those who are busy working day and night to get back to work, those who meticulously escort safety in the wind, and those who go all out to resolutely return to their posts to show their youthful faces, warm the whole yingweiteng! May every yingweiteng person be warm and dependent on each other! Many years later, when the company is in a turbulent situation inside and outside the company, and people busy with their ideals are sweating like rain, we will certainly remember that we met and defeated this war together in the Spring Festival of the year of gengzi, and therefore we know how to cherish and be grateful

Huangqiulin, general manager of Bao'an factory, in the attitude of being responsible to employees, the company and the society, we, Bao'an factory, first put forward the idea of strictly preventing pneumonia, making concerted efforts to tide over the difficulties; At the same time, the factory management department immediately began to formulate emergency plans, control plans, guidelines for staff resumption and other documents, and organized managers to carry out training exercises. Each manager organized department personnel to prepare materials, train and coordinate to solve the difficulties of employees. Through careful planning and careful preparation, the application and on-site approval were successfully completed. The factory officially resumed work on the 14th, and the related work was carried out in an orderly manner, which is the so-called "no pain without pain", We are not afraid of difficulties. Through the inspection of the epidemic situation, the management team of Bao'an factory is a team that can only fight, dare to fight and win. I am also proud to be a member of this team

xuweidong, the director of the group's procurement center, has a fierce attack on Guanxin. It is extremely difficult to resume production. It is difficult for yingweiteng's warriors. We firmly believe that spring is coming and persistence is victory

Tan Yimin of the engineering department

as the first batch of workers to return to work in yingweiteng Bao'an factory, I believe that as long as 2 oil boxes and friction auxiliary heating system: the main shaft (1) is a hollow shaft, firm confidence and scientific response will surely achieve the final victory of this epidemic prevention war

Wu Xin of the logistics department

after staying at home for nearly a month, I finally returned to work. It is impossible to say that we are not flustered. After all, the fight against the epidemic has not yet been completed, and the whole people still need to work hard. However, the company has adopted a series of epidemic prevention work, such as temperature measurement, disinfection, distribution of masks, isolation of meals, etc., which

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