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As China's economic development enters the new normal, the economic development speed slows down, the economic structure also begins to adjust, and the home building materials market also presents a cold situation. Insiders said that many companies will be merged and reorganized this year, and some companies may have to declare bankruptcy. As an inferior real estate industry, the door and window industry will also encounter the pain during the transformation period

the world economy is shortened, and the door and window industry is affected.

the slowdown in world economic growth and the shortening of economic transaction volume are the biggest adverse factors of the door and window industry in 2016. In 2015, the demand of the global retail market was weak, the world economy shifted from relying primarily on manufacturing to services, the expansion trend of the global value chain was slow, and the progress of international transaction negotiations was slow. These factors will continue to curb the increase of international transactions in 2016. The increase of global transactions continues to be depressed, and one major result is the risk of improving transaction maintenance and reducing the value of competitive exchange rates. As an inferior real estate industry, the door and window industry has always been limited by the impact of the big economic environment. In recent years, due to the fullness of the domestic market, the door and window industry has become more dependent on foreign trade. Facing the impact of the bad trend of the big environment, the door and window industry has shown a continuous downward trend in these years

the transformation of door and window brand companies' transformation of operation concept can be smooth.

it is at the beginning of industrial transformation, but the process is slow and painful.

in fact, facing the economic difficulties in recent years, most companies have held the mentality of "being in danger and organic", selecting industries to upgrade and other methods to deal with the crisis. Taking companies in the door and window industry as an example, many companies began to "touch the Internet" four or five years ago. After touching the "Internet idea" and their own understanding, these companies began the promotion and transformation from traditional companies to new Internet companies

however, this road is bound to be difficult to follow. Due to the lack of experience, the traditional door and window industry cannot keep up with the pace of transformation in terms of experience, skills, management talents and ideas, resulting in a painful and slow pace in the process of transformation. Insiders believe that it is common for traditional companies to be blocked in the process of transformation. Due to the backward thinking of company managers and talent standards, most traditional companies eventually end up in failure

difficulties and ways to survive change the operation concept

in fact, to solve the economic difficulties that door and window brand companies are facing or will face, the first task is to change the company's operation posture. The mode of shortening the world economy and industrial upgrading and transformation can effectively enhance the central competitiveness of the company

the second point is that the operator's mentality should be spread out after the tide of bankruptcy. With lessons learned from the past, if you don't actively test and touch new ideas on the Internet, you will be bound by shackles, and your company will only be trapped





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