How to choose glass in living room and kitchen

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Recently, many people asked how to choose the glass in the living room and kitchen in home decoration

recently, many people asked how to choose the glass in the living room and kitchen in home decoration

first of all, the glass is crystal clear and light in texture. It can be made into doors and windows, cabinets, partitions, etc., and can be used in various places at home. There are many kinds of glass, and each has its own characteristics. What kind of glass should we choose in home decoration? Qingfengjun suggested that you choose the corresponding glass according to the different functions of the area in your home

secondly, many living rooms use glass as partitions or sliding doors, that is, the permeability of glass can increase natural lighting. The living room is an open area in the home. Family activities are more, and people are likely to walk around and hit the glass. Ordinary glass fragments are sharp and easy to hurt people. An old man was injured at the home of a friend of Qingfeng Jun. Therefore, Mr. Qingfeng suggested that you had better use laminated glass in the living room. When it is broken, the fragments are still stuck to the glue to avoid injury

the kitchen is characterized by noise and lampblack in a high-temperature and closed environment, which needs to be cleaned frequently. Xiaobian recommends using smooth glass as partition or sliding door to facilitate cleaning. At the same time, it is best to use wired glass, which is heat-resistant and more sound proof

the bedroom is a private area of the home, and glass is generally used on doors and windows. In order to ensure security and privacy, it is best to use frosted glass for the door. Its surface is rough, the light through it is softer, and it is more suitable for relaxation and rest. If the window faces the outside, tempered glass can be used, which has strong impact resistance, is not easy to crack, and is windproof and sound proof

balcony is a place for home to communicate with the outside world. Glass is often used as sliding doors and windows. For safety, toughened glass is also selected for wind prevention and sound insulation

the bathroom is also a private area of the home. In order to protect privacy, doors and windows must choose frosted, embossed glass or intelligent dimming glass, which is transparent but opaque. However, the partition of dry and wet areas can choose intelligent dimming glass to increase lighting and save space





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