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With the continuous improvement of people's aesthetic consciousness, wardrobe is an indispensable and important item in our daily life. Now there are many kinds of wardrobe styles on the market, and the style design is more fashionable and decorative. From the design of wardrobe style, it can be divided into: sliding door wardrobe, swing door wardrobe, open wardrobe. The side hung wardrobe refers to a traditional way of opening the wardrobe, which depends on the pipe hinge to link the door panel and the cabinet body. The grade mainly depends on the materials of door panels, the quality of hardware and other aspects. What are the dimensions of the wardrobe with side hung doors? Which kind of material is good for the side hung wardrobe? Which is better, the wardrobe with swing door or the wardrobe with sliding door? The following is my detailed introduction to the effect drawing and size of the swing door wardrobe. I hope it can be used for reference in the selection of swing door wardrobe

introduction to the side hung wardrobe

the side hung wardrobe is a traditional way of opening the wardrobe by connecting the door panel and the cabinet body with the pipe hinge. The grade is mainly in two aspects: the material of the gate board and the quality of hardware. It has rich functions and is worth recommending. If you don't consider the space, the swing door is also a good choice. If you choose the swing door, you need to pay attention to the fact that the hinge must be good, and the door leaf should not be too large. The utilization rate of the wardrobe door is high, and if the quality is not good, there will be deformation, sinking and so on

advantages of flush door wardrobe

1. It is much cheaper than sliding door wardrobe

2. The front door wardrobe used to be relatively simple, but now there are many innovations, such as the more popular European style wardrobe, shutter front door cabinet, plate and glass front door cabinet, and color painted glass

3. Generally, the hardware, that is, the hinge, which directly affects the service life of the door, should be paid attention to. The side hung door has good sealing performance, and its dust-proof performance is higher than that of the sliding door. It can fully open the cabinet door

4. Classic + custom wardrobe door handle adopts classic “ T” Shape metal handle, good feel. The hinges and other hardware used inside the wardrobe can be configured according to customized needs

disadvantages of side hung wardrobe

1. It takes up space. Only by choosing materials without wood can we solve the problems of deformation and fear of moisture

2. The disadvantage is that the height of the door is limited, and the overall effect will be greatly reduced. If it is too high, you have to make a split door

flat open wardrobe - size table

style size depth height wardrobe width cabinet door width

flat open two door wardrobe 55-60cm 160-200cm 100-120cm 45-60cm

flat open three door wardrobe 55-60cm 160-200cm 135-180cm 45-60cm

flat open four door wardrobe 55-60cm 160-200cm 180-240cm 45-60cm

flat open five door wardrobe 55-60cm 160-200cm 225-300cm 45-60cm

which kind of material is better for the wardrobe with swing door

1 Comparing the material of solid wood wardrobe

speaking of the material of wardrobe, it is naturally the best of solid wood. It avoids the excessive use of adhesives, which is more healthy and environmentally friendly, has strong bearing capacity, is safe and stable, and has a long service life, up to more than 500 times that of ordinary board wood wardrobe, which is durable. However, the cost of solid wood wardrobe is high, so most of the wardrobe in the market is made of plate or a combination of board and solid

2. Comparison of material of large core board wardrobe

large core board, also known as blockboard, is a good material for making wardrobe frame. The big core board is plywood with solid wood core. The inner layer is made of cores spliced with strip logs, and then made by sticking upper materials on the outside. The surface is smooth and flat, with strong stability and not easy to deform. It is generally divided into three ply board, five ply board and nine ply board according to the thickness. The thicker the thickness, the higher the price. It can be selected according to the pressure and strength

3. Comparison of materials of high-density board wardrobe

high density board is a commonly used man-made board, which is made by breaking and pressing wood and branches after soaking in water. It has uniform density and high strength, and it is easy to process. However, the disadvantage is that the moisture resistance is not good, and it is not suitable to be used in wet places such as kitchens and bathrooms, but it is good to be used as a wardrobe

4. Comparison of material of solid wood particle board wardrobe

solid wood particle board, from the name, is made by beating solid wood into particles and then pressing with glue, which retains some physical characteristics of solid wood. It has good nail holding force and light texture, and will not cause too much pressure to the wardrobe, but its bearing capacity is not weak, and its cost is low and cost-effective. Therefore, it is often used in the manufacture of wardrobe

which is better than the sliding door wardrobe

the sliding door wardrobe is also called the sliding door wardrobe, which is divided into the internal sliding wardrobe and the external sliding door wardrobe: the internal sliding wardrobe places the slide rail inside the wardrobe, which has an independent feeling in appearance, strong integrity, and strong integration into the surrounding environment. However, the space in the cabinet is relatively small, which is suitable for families who decorate first and then set furniture. The external sliding door wardrobe is to place the slide rail on the outside of the wardrobe to maximize the use space of the wardrobe. This kind of wardrobe is mostly customized products, which are purchased due to the needs of environmental elements at home or to make up for deficiencies, or have been planned during decoration. Sliding door wardrobe gives people a simple and lively feeling. It is generally suitable for families with relatively small area, mainly in modern Chinese style

the sliding door of the wardrobe is made of a variety of materials, including full plate type, full glass type, or a combination of plate and glass. There are also many colors and patterns. One is more young and fashionable colors, such as light blue, light green, pure white, cartoon patterns, etc., which can let young and fashionable hearts experience different moods in the sense of pursuing nature. The other is to continue to follow the nostalgic route. The closet door imitates rosewood. The natural and simple rosewood texture is almost unreal, and the classical flavor is revealed in the movement

the side hung wardrobe is a traditional way of opening the wardrobe by connecting the door panel and the cabinet with the pipe hinge. The grade is mainly due to the materials of the door panel and the quality of hardware. The advantage is that it is much cheaper than the sliding door, and the disadvantage is that it takes up more space

the advantages of the sliding door of the wardrobe lie in its beauty, space saving and artistry, while the disadvantages lie in its poor sealing. The appearance of the side hung wardrobe used to be relatively simple, but there are many innovations in its appearance now, such as the more popular European style wardrobe, the louvered side hung wardrobe, the panel plus glass side hung wardrobe, and the painted glass side hung wardrobe. Generally, the hardware, that is, the hinge, which directly affects the service life of the door, needs attention. The advantage of swing door is that it has good sealing performance, but the disadvantage is that the height of the door is limited. If it is too high, it has to be a split door

the sliding door wardrobe is the most popular wardrobe at present. Compared with the traditional pinlaimen wardrobe, the sliding wardrobe is broader, larger in capacity, and does not occupy space. For small houses, it must be a good choice. And the flat door wardrobe is relatively more traditional, and it will also be a good choice for large family houses. It's better to open the wardrobe with a flush door or a sliding door, which depends on your preferences and the actual living environment

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