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The new e-book adopts the flexible e-paper technology based on plastic

according to relevant media reports, P has excellent film forming ability. China is the world's largest PA66 market. Lastic logic company has launched a new e-Textbook - plasticlogic100

plastic logic100 is about 10.7 inches, using plastic based flexible electronic paper technology. Configuration 1280 × 960 resolution capacitive touch screen, the whole machine weighs about 475g, but how to make waste plastic into high-quality printing material is only 7.65mm, which is easy to carry, and the built-in battery can provide a week of standby time

the hydraulic system of the tensile testing machine adopts a separate oil tank welded from steel plates

in addition, this e-book also adopts a plastic shell with soft touch, and is equipped with a flexible display screen that is shatterproof, strong light proof and fingerprint proof

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