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The new direction of the transformation of the printing industry, electronic printing tends to be mature

printing methods other than paper and ink printing should become an important content for printing enterprises with a future vision. Especially with the continuous increase of energy consumption and the government's attention to the energy-saving industry, some industries have received a large number of government research subsidies and funds. The development of these industries can bring many important new opportunities to the printing industry, such as electronic printing. American printing expert Chris Herrick has been calling for and advocating that printing enterprises should pay more attention to the transformation to electronic printing in recent years. He believes that electronic printing has become more mature from a more speculative field. Recently, he wrote an article to analyze how traditional printing enterprises should invest in the industry

printing enterprises that tend to transform and expand their electronic products market rather than the publication market may use a variety of technologies. These technologies include electronic display printing, battery printing, electronic label printing, solar battery printing and other basic electronic printing previously made by traditional methods such as circuit board, silicon and solder. With the further encouragement of the government for fuel conservation and energy cost control, some of the simplest circuits, such as solar batteries, have gradually entered the vision of the public

is it tempting to print such common things (large pieces of photoelectric ink or electrolyte and wires) without considering page arrangement, forging, stitching or colorful colors? But traditional printing experts don't seem to think so, which can only be seen from the eyes of young venture capitalists. They want to establish a new enterprise that makes money through printing, which is an easy goal to achieve

when the verb completion refers to hole sealing processing and electronic testing, rather than binding and trimming technology, producers may forget that both actions refer to the completion of printing methods. Six or seven years ago, when American printing experts first mentioned some aspects of this problem, this technology may not be very mature, but it has become a reality. Here, American printing industry experts once again implore those forward-looking printing enterprises in the industry to study this kind of printing products that may be very profitable

hardware investment

the market threshold will also be lowered

in order to meet the different needs of the market, our industry also needs capital expenditure in hardware. We will use the installment payment to spend millions of dollars on hardware procurement and extruder investment as the capital of critical processing equipment, and expect to obtain relevant benefits. This is not a small matter, and it has become a convention. Although it is not as speculative as other completely different production methods and the subsequent sales and marketing of related products, entrepreneurs spend millions of dollars and really expect to make a profit

with the change and maturity of inkjet production and electronic printing market, the cost of entry threshold will further decline, including research and development costs. Therefore, if you enter this field on a small scale, you may only need to make the most basic investment in hardware and training, which can open the door to larger and more profitable potential opportunities, which also eliminates the speculative nature of investment to a great extent. Think about it. Sometimes we have to budget for a new plate recorder or testing equipment, or make similar expansion plans for inkjet production. If enterprises have a slight advantage in the market and then invest in electronic printing, perhaps this kind of hardware investment is equivalent to investing in an offset printing machine

the transformation from traditional printing to electric formula: Road printing is not so easy, but the pain is always less than what the industry has experienced in the past few decades, and this transformation has once again improved the level of printing technology. At present, enterprises that are engaged in or plan to engage in this kind of electronic printing only have little or no knowledge of traditional printing technology. If they can operate without this technology, it means that they must have solved a lot of problems, which may have been solved by the printing industry many years ago

therefore, Chris Herrick believes that this is very similar to the transformation of the printing industry towards digital prepress. It is easier to train printers to print engineering materials than to teach engineers to print. Some employees who have no traditional printing experience and only have computer technology do poor prepress work. They will ask why you say it doesn't bleed? It looks great on my computer screen

soft preparation

marketing and research are indispensable

having a good mousetrap does not mean that rats will automatically come to the door. It is not so simple. Like all other goods and services that printing enterprises can provide, managers must improve the entire sales and marketing team to let them understand the needs and sales targets of the electronic printing industry, so as to sell products. On the one hand, some traditional sales and marketing experts in the printing industry may be able to achieve transformation; On the other hand, professional market research and awareness will also ensure that the formulation of procurement plans complies with the principles of pragmatism

if we only rely on the above points to make a complete plan, maybe this creative thinking is not enough. It will be of great benefit to do a little research, do some preparatory work, or learn from relevant hardware suppliers. You may also be surprised to find that the cost of this emerging field is low and the potential market is large, so for general laboratory machine manufacturers. When American printing experts wrote such articles a few years ago, the industry was more speculative than it is now, but now someone has taken a step in advance on whether it can be done

American printing industry experts hope that this industry can inherit this market. It has taken decades or hundreds of years to improve the printing process, and the current situation is very dangerous. There are many unlicensed operators in this industry. They wander among the loopholes that have not been detected by us and take away the printing behind our backs. Electronic printing has robbed part of the printing business and brought pressure to the printing service industry, which is a true reflection of this situation

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