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"Nissin electric" has become the "invisible champion" of the industry.

correspondent Liu Wei reported that "at present, the company has developed the transformer fire extinguishing device with the fastest fire extinguishing speed in China, which has become the only product in the province that has successfully passed the acceptance of the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security and obtained the national compulsory product certification." Recently, in the production workshop of Zhejiang Rixin Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Rixin electric") in Qujiang Economic Development Zone, Zhou Lingxin, the vice president of the company, told us that relying on the research and development of a batch of high-quality products. 2. Selection products of degradation inhibitors, the year-on-year growth rate of enterprise output value in the first half of the year exceeded 20%

Rixin electric, established in 2006, is a high-tech enterprise integrating the research, development, production and sales of outdoor high-voltage electrical appliances. Although it is a small and medium-sized enterprise, "Nissin electric" has long been famous in the industry. "In 2016, we were the only one of the 20 'invisible champions' in the province with more than 400 knowledge-based employees in the center." Zhou Ling introduced that the specialization and intelligence of "Nissin electric" in the field of outdoor high-voltage electrical appliances is the main reason for winning this honor

in the past two years, the "SF6 gas micro water density monitoring system", "partial discharge monitoring system" and other products successfully developed by the enterprise have obtained the provincial industrial new product appraisal, which is at the domestic leading level. More than 10 products of the intelligent system of sun iGuard substation have been successfully used in the Three Gorges hydropower project, China's new generation carrier rocket industrialization base, China Post aviation, urban subway, South-to-North Water Transfer, France, Russia and other large-scale key projects at home and abroad. Leading enterprises at home and abroad, such as Guodian, Nanfang power, Datang Group, Shenhua Group, Sinopec, Siemens, Toshiba, are partners of "Nissin electric". "In recent years, we have successfully applied for and authorized 4 invention patents, 52 utility model patents, 17 software copyrights and obtained software product identification."

high quality products bring forth the new through the old, and major projects are widely used... It comes from the efforts of "Nissin electric" to build a "Smart Library". Since 2014, the enterprise has carried out industry university research cooperation with scientific research institutions such as Shanghai Jiaotong University and Beijing Jiaotong University, achieving the goal of "introducing, developing, producing and putting on the market at the same time", and accelerating the transformation process of technological achievements. Among them, in 2015, the addition of active additives and the adoption of polypropylene with wide molecular weight distribution also had a certain effect on the improvement of tiger skin defects. The "electric dynamic recording and precision protection device" developed by haijiaotong university has passed the certification of many "national brands" laboratories such as the experimental verification center of the National Electric Power Research Institute and the national electrical product quality supervision and inspection center. Once launched, the products are quickly applied to almost all rail transit in the country, and are purchased by national power, Sinopec and other enterprises

in order to further enrich the enterprise's "think tank", in the second half of last year, "Nissin electric" established the "Nissin Hangzhou R & D center" in Hangzhou. "We hope that through the 'enclave' model, we can introduce more high-end talents to enterprises and promote the speed of transformation of technological achievements." Zhou Ling said that at present, the enterprise has reached cooperation agreements with a number of scientific research teams and high-end talents

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