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Villeco: new electric forklift meets peak demand

villeco: new electric forklift meets peak demand

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Guide: as a leader in the electric forklift industry, Shanghai villeco knows that China's forklift industry has made great progress in quality, variety and other aspects, but China's forklift industry is still in the development period, and its products still need to be constantly improved, Therefore, in order to conform to the prospect of market development, zhangxiaowu, deputy director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Management Committee of volox Wuhan Economic Development Zone, launched a new model

as a leader in the electric forklift industry, Shanghai velleko knows that China's forklift industry has made great progress in quality, variety and other aspects, but China's forklift industry is still in the development stage, and products still need to be continuously improved. Therefore, in order to comply with the prospect of market development, volox has launched a new electric forklift -- four fulcrum 4 0 ton electric forklift. The rated load of this series of electric forklifts is 4 0 ton, lifting height 3000mm, free lifting height 150mm, fork size: 1070x150x150 (mm) fork adjustable range (maximum/minimum):300/1380 mm; Minimum ground clearance: 154mm; Traveling speed (full load) 13.5 km/h traveling speed (no load) 14.5 km/h lifting speed (full load) km/h lifting speed (no load) km/h

the main advantages of this series of forklifts are as follows: first, the key components of the whole vehicle, from electric control, instruments to safety switches, are imported well-known brands, and the important components have undergone strict reliability. Our technical engineers have made a detailed description of the supporting equipment and various experiments of the steel hammer tensile testing machine: the tests ensure the stability of the performance of the whole machine, increase the service life of the forklift, and greatly reduce its failure rate. Now more and more customers share the purchase cost equally with the forklift life, because a high price forklift will greatly reduce the purchase cost because of its longer life, effectively saving costs for enterprises. The actual maintenance cost of equipment is not only related to the cost of maintenance accessories, but also related to the failure rate or failure time. Therefore, the maintenance cost of a high-quality forklift is lower due to its low failure rate. This can greatly increase the utilization rate of equipment and improve the work efficiency of enterprises

second, the gantry design with wide field of vision optimizes the gantry structure, so that the operator's field of vision is wider, and the operation effect and safety are improved. ① Reduce the driver's fatigue during operation: the unique design can reduce the driver's operation action and make the operation more labor-saving; ② Comfort: humanized design can keep the driver in a good mood and reduce operational errors; ③ Good vision: providing a good vision for forklift operation can not only improve efficiency, but also ensure driver safety

Shanghai Wellek has recently begun to focus on building brand awareness and reputation. Through the improvement of products, technology, services, brand image and other aspects, it will further enhance the comprehensive strength of the enterprise and consolidate Wellek's leading position in the industry. It is reported that in the sales of Wellek, customers're purchase accounts for 30% of the sales, which can make customers feel at ease for long-term cooperation. In addition to fully meeting customers' needs in production technology, it is more important to rely on high-quality after-sales service and brand reputation to win the market. In modern society, Wellek knows that if enterprises want to make long-term profits and become strong, they must win permanent customers, maintain customer loyalty and increase customer satisfaction. Excellent after-sales service is the best promotion for all enterprises before the next marketing. Excellent after-sales service brings good reputation and more consumers

many enterprises have some misunderstandings about the composition and brand selection of impact testing machines: they believe that if all forklifts are imported brands, the quality is the same, and the price should be close. In fact, this is a common sense mistake. Like cars, there are many imported brands of cars, and the price gap between different brands is also very large, and of course, there are differences in performance. In addition, forklift truck is a kind of industrial equipment, which is very unfair to power battery enterprises. One of the enterprise goals is to maximize the normal operation of the equipment, and downtime means loss. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a brand with guaranteed after-sales service. China's forklift market is very large, so it has attracted many foreign brand forklift suppliers. However, China has a vast territory, and it is difficult to establish a national professional service network without a certain amount of time. Before purchasing forklifts, enterprises should not only understand the price and tonnage of forklifts, but also make a purchase decision after considering the specific working conditions and development planning of the enterprise and the strength, reputation, service assurance and other factors of forklift manufacturers. In addition to providing reliable after-sales service, strong forklift suppliers should have professional knowledge to help customers complete the work of model and configuration selection stage

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