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New development trend of China's carton industry

in recent years, the development of China's packaging carton industry has maintained a strong momentum of rapid development. First of all, the packaging carton printing has gradually developed from monochrome and two-color printing to three-color and six color printing. The printing requires accurate chromatic registration, and the point has developed from the current 60 lines to 80 lines. The accuracy of printing machinery is required to be improved day by day, and flexographic printing is developed; Secondly, the carton transportation package Jinmin new material gathered with SAIC General Motors, Dongfeng Honda, BYD, 1 auto Volkswagen, Beijing Hyundai, brilliance BMW, Jixiang automobile, Ningbo Huaxiang and other automobile complete machine factories and parts factories, and gradually developed into commodity packaging. The printed words and patterns of the packaging carton are required to be clear, beautiful, bright, multi-color and strong three-dimensional; Third, the imported wooden bags pretend to be one of the main carriers for the introduction of foreign pests into China. The white cardboard is gradually replaced by the yellow cardboard, the white background color printing is developed, and the ink is replaced by water, which makes the box surface beautiful and clear, improves the added value of goods, and meets the requirements of environmental protection

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