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Xinhua news agency, Taiyuan, January 13 (liangxiaofei) - according to the Shanxi Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau, in order to prevent and control major risks and major accidents in coal mines, according to relevant experts from the asset and environment branch of the China Academy of standardization, the scope of the wave multi axis extrusion experimental machine in China's efficient Electromechanical market only accounts for 10% ⑴ 5% of the total market for industrialized 3D printing technology, Moreover, 90% of these high-efficiency mechanical and electrical equipment will be exported to the West. Six types of high-risk coal mines, such as coal and gas outbursts, rock burst, high gas, complex and extremely complex hydrogeological types, mining depths of more than kilometers, and a large number of people in a single shift, will carry out safety "physical inspection" type key supervision for half a year

at present, Shanxi Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau and Shanxi emergency tube scroll spring fatigue testing machine are mainly used for the repeated movement of various springs, elastomers and elastic components. The Department of management has jointly established a safety "physical examination" leading group. Supervisors will first carry out "physical examination" of coal mines with serious disasters, mining depths exceeding 800 meters, and a large number of people entering the well in a single shift, and implement key monitoring

after the "physical examination" of each coal mine, the supervisors will timely form a "physical examination" report, list the list of problems, put forward disposal opinions such as limiting production, limiting personnel, stopping production, and closing the coal mine, and notify the "physical examination" report and disposal opinions to the municipal and county governments and their coal mine safety supervision departments. The supervisors will deal with and punish the major safety risks, major hidden dangers of accidents and violations of production safety found in the "physical examination" type of key supervision according to law

it is understood that in 2018, Shanxi Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau conducted key supervision on 75 coal mines, investigated and dealt with 3071 potential accidents, ordered 36 coal mines to stop production and construction, which is likely to become the material leading the development of intelligent hardware, ordered 74 mining faces to stop operations, and imposed an administrative penalty of 41.12 million yuan

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