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New trends in the development of steel barrel products in China (2)

Second, the trend of thin steel barrel is becoming more and more clear

with the development of economy, the progress of science and technology, the improvement of steel plate material, and the continuous updating of production technology, the material thickness of steel barrel is also developing from thick to thin. We can see the differences from the development of steel barrel standards at home and abroad. At present, 1.25mm thick steel sheet is widely used in 200 liter steel barrels in China, which is thinner than the original 1.5mm. In foreign countries, most steel sheets with a thickness of about 0.8mm are used, and steel sheets with different thicknesses are used in the barrel body, barrel bottom and barrel top. From this point of view, our raw materials are a great waste

someone has calculated that China currently produces 50million closed-end steel barrels with an annual output of 200 liters. The net weight of 1.25mm thick steel barrel is 22.5kg/piece, and the net weight of 1.0mm thick steel barrel is 17.6kg/piece. Each steel barrel reduces the steel consumption by 4.9kg, and 50million steel barrels save 24500 tons of steel. Based on the current steel price of 4800 yuan per ton, 117.6 million yuan is saved every year. Nowadays, many enterprises have begun to use 0.8mm thick materials to produce steel drums, which can save 202million yuan per year. This is not a small amount! At present, some fields (such as asphalt barrels) have begun to use 0.5~0 remote 3-axis and vibrating table The development speed of 200 liter steel barrel with 6mm thick material is extremely rapid

a few years ago, some domestic enterprises have done the test of thin steel barrels, and their quality inspection results can meet the requirements of national standards. However, due to the fact that the concept of equivalent packaging is not yet accepted by many people, it has been blocked by many users, who believe that this is Jerry built and worry about the impact of product quality. In fact, the thinning of steel drums is not a Jerry built product, nor a fake or inferior product. It is the result of improving the structure and process and deep processing on the premise of ensuring the function of the product. Thin steel barrel is a symbol of technological development

now, with the rise in the price of raw materials, reducing costs has become the biggest reason for the thinness of steel barrels. Therefore, thin steel barrels are becoming more and more marketable, and users like to accept this. It seems that the thinness of steel barrels has become an irresistible trend

III. 200 liter full opening reduced diameter steel barrels are welcomed by foreign businessmen

in recent years, the market of 200 liter full opening barrels has become larger and larger, most of which are used to pack jam, ketchup and solid (semi-solid) chemical products for export. The closures of the full opening steel barrel are bolt closures and lever closures. Both closures use "U" or "V" shaped closure hoops to seal and connect the barrel cover (i.e. the barrel top) with the barrel body, but the locking device is different. One common feature of ordinary full opening barrels is that when the closer is installed, the outer diameter of the upper part of the barrel top greatly exceeds the maximum outer diameter of the closed barrel of the same capacity, which makes the steel barrel occupy a larger volume in the transportation of goods. In practice, it often leads to the situation that five rows of containers are not enough and four rows are empty, which makes users feel headache

in foreign countries, in order to solve this problem, people shrink the mouth of the barrel at the top of the barrel, reducing the diameter of the barrel mouth, so that the maximum outer diameter of the barrel mouth closer after installation is smaller than the diameter of the barrel ring reinforcement. In this way, the problem of waste of transportation space caused by excessive diameter of barrel mouth can be solved. This is not involved in the national standard. At present, only small and medium-sized barrels can be made into reduced diameter barrels in the national standard, while 200 liter steel barrels do not have reduced diameter

in recent years, a few domestic enterprises have manufactured 200 liter reduced diameter barrels according to the needs of users, and the inner diameter of steel barrels is still the national standard φ 560mm, the inner diameter of the reduced diameter of the barrel mouth is φ 530mm。 This kind of steel barrel has been greatly welcomed by foreign investors. It has solved the problem of waste of transportation space that ordinary full opening steel barrels cannot solve, which has become a model of circular economy development in chemical industry zones. It is gradually becoming popular

IV. domestic settlement of special steel drums for containers

special steel drums for containers were introduced from Europe and first promoted in China by Italian GMI company. Because its structural type improves the unreasonable space occupation of national standard steel drums in transportation, it has been affirmed by most users

the main feature of the special steel barrel for containers is that the ring reinforcement on the barrel body is trapped into the barrel as a whole, that is, under the condition that the height of the ring reinforcement on the barrel body does not decrease, an inward concave ring groove is made at the part where the ring reinforcement is connected with the barrel body, so that the maximum diameter of the top of the ring reinforcement is 5mm smaller than the original standard, and the outer diameter of the ring reinforcement of the original national standard steel barrel is φ 585mm, while the outer diameter of the ring reinforcement of the container steel barrel is φ 575mm。 Thus, the maximum diameter of the steel barrel is 10mm smaller than that of the national standard steel in the second half of 2015. Don't underestimate this 10mm. In container transportation, 6. Stress testing, this steel barrel can maximize the application of space and achieve the most economical transportation cost

because the shape and section of the ring bar is like "W", it is often called W-shaped ring bar barrel in the domestic barrel industry. The ring reinforcement not only reduces the maximum diameter of the steel barrel, but also enhances the strength of the barrel body and makes the shape of the barrel body more beautiful. In foreign countries, most container steel barrels are free from the ripple on the barrel body, making the barrel shape more beautiful

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