The hottest new double cylinder diesel engine came

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New dual cylinder diesel engine comes out in Zhejiang

recently, Zhejiang Xingyue Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. has successfully developed two dual cylinder diesel engines xt2110 and xy2113 in the process of long-term use, and will be put on the market in the near future

it is understood that this model is based on the absorption and adoption of advanced technology at home and abroad, and the mature technology of the standard model is transplanted, so that Jinan friction coefficient measurement precautions. The door type Brinell hardness tester of the experimental machine factory is a new type of environmental protection model with exhaust smoke less than 2.5 bosh units

this model has the advantages of advanced design, stable performance, large power, low fuel consumption, reliable use and convenient maintenance. It is the preferred supporting power for deformable tractors, generator sets, ships and construction machinery

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