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New development opportunities high-speed rail changes the future economic form of China

new development opportunities high-speed rail changes the future economic form of China

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Guide: introduce measures to invest 2trillion yuan in the railway, Chalco Zhengzhou Research Institute is responsible for the scientific and technological research and development project of Chalco Zunyi ultra-high sulfur bauxite expansion Dalian beneficiation experimental research. Expanding the feeding experiment of continuous beneficiation experimental line in Zunyi and achieving the expected effect can be seen as the largest investment of the Chinese government in responding to the international financial crisis and stimulating domestic demand. In 2009, the international financial crisis had a serious impact on the global economy. China's export-oriented economic model was tested unprecedentedly, and export growth slowed down, driving domestic demand

the introduction of the measure of "investing 2trillion yuan in the railway" can be seen as the largest investment of the Chinese government to stimulate domestic demand in response to the international financial crisis. In 2009, the international financial crisis had a serious impact on the global economy, and China's export-oriented economic model was tested unprecedentedly. The slowdown in export growth has become the only feasible way to stimulate domestic demand and maintain steady economic growth in China

in the face of the slowdown in China's economic growth caused by the international financial crisis, the State Council has determined an investment plan of 4trillion yuan. If we say that during the Asian financial crisis in 1998, the Chinese government used infrastructure (highways and real estate) to drive the growth of a series of industrial chains, then the initiative of "investing 2trillion yuan in Railways" can be seen as the largest investment of the Chinese government in responding to the international financial crisis and stimulating domestic demand

take the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway as an example. The Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway is about 1318 kilometers long, with a total investment of 210 billion yuan and a comprehensive cost of 159 million yuan per kilometer. By 2020, the mileage of China's high-speed rail will reach 16000 kilometers, and the cost of China's high-speed rail will exceed 2trillion yuan. Lu Changqing told that such a large-scale high-speed rail construction and completion and operation will have a significant impact on China's economic region and industrial structure in the future, and will also bring opportunities for rapid development to relevant industries

the acceleration of China's high-speed rail construction undoubtedly brings great temptation to relevant enterprises. Which industries will benefit in the era of high-speed rail

Lu Changqing believes that the climax of China's high-speed rail construction with counter cyclical operation will drive the development of many upstream and downstream industries such as railway infrastructure, multiple units, railway signals, railway accessories, steel, cement, etc., and the high-speed rail feast is unfolding

take the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, which has invested second only to the "Three Gorges Project" since the founding of the people's Republic of China as an example. In this modern railway line, many high and new technologies have been applied: the whole line is paved with seamless tracks and ballastless tracks; Various environmental protection measures of vibration reduction, noise reduction, low energy consumption and less electromagnetic interference shall be taken for railway lines, traction power supply, communication signals and other infrastructure; Implement real-time monitoring of disaster prevention safety throughout the line; Using the world's advanced power decentralized EMU, it is under the unified command of an integrated automation system integrating traffic control, dispatching command, information management and equipment monitoring, so as to ensure the realization of modern passenger transportation with high speed, high density, high comfort, large capacity, strong compatibility, high punctuality and high safety

Xie Congjun, an industry analyst at CITIC Securities, believes that the commencement of the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway has brought huge orders to the construction, equipment, accessories, electrical and other industries in the railway industry chain, and the relevant listed companies have benefited a lot. The listed companies that benefit most directly from the vigorous development of high-speed rail are CSR and CNR. The investment in the construction of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway is mainly used for fixed facilities and equipment, including mobile equipment and electronic control system. Electronic control systems involve computer technology, high-end communication equipment, the use of a large number of cables and optical fiber materials, as well as electric energy and electric equipment. These industries will receive a large number of orders. In the industrial chain, the orders of the electrical industry will reach 5billion yuan, with a gross profit margin of 30% - 40%; Orders for railway equipment will reach 30billion yuan, with a gross profit margin of 5% - 12%; The order of railway accessories will reach 1.6 billion yuan, with a gross profit margin of 10% - 30%

Long Hua, an analyst at Haitong Securities, said that the beneficiaries of the high-speed railway construction cycle are the railway information equipment manufacturing industry, rail transit equipment and parts manufacturing industry, high-speed railway construction industry, etc. Among them, information equipment investment is an important part of railway investment, and signal equipment is the most relevant link. With the development of high-speed railway investment, various new signal systems will be derived, making the growth rate of railway signal equipment investment significantly greater than that of railway investment. With the appearance of China's high-speed EMUs in the next three years, the expansion, maintenance service and renewal of the overseas high-speed EMU market, or the oil pollution of pistons and bearings, will become a new growth point of the industry. In addition, benefiting from the improvement of localization rate, the electrification of ordinary roads and the promotion of real name ticket system will be the highlights of the post high-speed rail era

Lu Changqing pointed out that from the impact of Japan's Shinkansen high-speed rail and China's highways on the economy, the most direct result is to shorten the geographical space between regions and cities, which will have a great impact on China's industrial geographical pattern and the formation of metropolitan areas. In terms of industries, the country will accelerate the development of railways, and industries such as steel, cement, electric power and building materials will be the biggest direct beneficiaries. At the same time, there are many other indirect beneficiaries, and the majority of accessory enterprises will indirectly benefit. As small as the pallet in each carriage, it needs to be produced by relevant enterprises to prevent the expansion of shortcomings. This role of railway to drive the economy can be described as "omnipresent". In the post high-speed rail era, the biggest beneficiaries will be the real estate, tourism, hotel and retail industries

Lu Changqing also told that China's high-speed rail speed represents the current world's high-speed rail speed. China's high-speed rail has been digested and absorbed from the initial introduction of technology, and now it has mastered the core technology, and gradually has the ability of EPC. At present, China's high-speed railway accelerates the "going out", which will become a new highlight of China's export-oriented economy

it is understood that the remarkable achievements made in China's railway modernization in recent years, especially the development of high-speed railway, have had an important impact on the world. If China's equipment system is the huge energy and amazing speed of oil pipe rupture manufacturing industry, it has shocked the world, creating favorable conditions for railway engineering to "go out". At present, the railway projects undertaken by Chinese enterprises overseas involve more than 50 countries and regions, with a contract amount of more than 26 billion US dollars; Railway equipment has been exported to more than 30 countries in Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas, thus driving the rapid development of many industries in China. This plays a very important role in realizing the development of "made in China" from low-end to high-end and from labor-intensive to technology intensive

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