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New Dyneema unidirectional fiber creates a first-class human armor solution

DSM dinima further expands its powerful product portfolio based on the world's strongest fiber, Dyneema fiber, and introduces a new series of bulletproof vest materials produced with unidirectional fiber (UD). The company believes that Dyneema sb51 will cause new changes in the field of how to use metallographic polishing machine software bulletproof (sb) armor protection. This kind of material is used as bulletproof vest material, which can provide the highest protection performance with the minimum weight, and has monofilament directional arrangement to defend against the attack threat of pistol bullets, fragments and knives

the launch of Dyneema sb51 is based on the great success of two similar products of DSM in the bulletproof clothing market - Dyneema SB21 and sb31. These three products are made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene Dyneema fiber

many ballistic tests show that Dyneema sb 51 material has improved its bulletproof performance to a new level, and its characteristics are significantly better than aramid fiber; When using specific bullets and test specifications, its bulletproof performance is% higher than that of Dyneema SB21 material

dyneema sb 51 material is a product tailored for military and law enforcement personnel in close cooperation with human armor manufacturers. It is the first material specially designed to defend against the major threats that the cable industry is bound to accelerate the reshuffle and reorganization area during 1035 in central and Eastern Europe and the Asia Pacific region. It is especially suitable for resisting the 7.62x25 mm tokalev bullets widely used in the former Soviet Union and its surrounding countries and the 54 type handgun bullets made in China

dyneema sb's current 51 material can be used in the design of vests that meet NIJ 0101.04, NIJ 0101.06 and other international bulletproof standards in combination with the anti trauma lining and anti stab scheme. In addition, it can also be used as the material of tactical or hidden vests, so that it has a low back dent mark, while maintaining the characteristics of light texture and comfortable wearing. On the premise of ensuring that the vest design meets the specification requirements, the anti trauma lining system can adopt a more flexible design

The operation of Dyneema sb 51 material is very simple, which helps human armor manufacturers greatly save the time and cost of material layering and cutting. It also has other advantages such as high durability, humidity resistance, chemical resistance and UV radiation resistance. In addition, if the advanced lining material produced by Dyneema fiber is added, the bulletproof vest can be easily upgraded and effectively resist the firing of heavy rifles

the first customer of this new UD material is the business development partner of Beijing Zhongtianfeng protective products Co., Ltd. - DSM dinima in China. "With Dyneema sb 51 material, we can produce the lightest armored protective equipment that meets the general technical conditions of China's GA police bulletproof clothing." Yang Zhidong, general manager of Zhongtianfeng company, said. "By cooperating with DSM, we can speed up the research and development of new products and respond quickly to new market trends."

"we have established close cooperative relations with many leading manufacturers of protective equipment, which has promoted the progress of innovation and marketing. We are glad to see that Zhongtianfeng took the lead in using Dyneema sb 51 materials." Sasja spiertz, DSM personal protection business manager, said. "We hope that more customers will join them in the near future. At the same time, we also expect the central and Eastern Europe region to create opportunities for us to develop major new businesses, because we have fully considered the defense provided for different bullet types. You know, law enforcement personnel in this region have been facing great security threats."

spiertz concluded: "DSM dinima has formulated a positive development plan aimed at continuously promoting the innovation of personal protection business. Dyneema sb 51 material is just the 'leader' of a series of new grade products. In the coming months and even years, we will continue to expand our product portfolio. We will continue to optimize our value proposition."

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