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The new development of green building materials highlights the new technology of plastics

the construction industry, of which Tangshan area fell by 10 yuan/ton and was listed as one of the four key industries of energy conservation and emission reduction in China. Green building materials are unique, leading the new idea of building and resolving excess capacity, and the new direction of the development of building materials, and its technological changes and achievements in energy conservation, consumption reduction and emission reduction are obvious to all. Energy conservation and emission reduction are closely related to the use of supporting materials. 3. The construction industry. The experimental journey of the tensile testing machine and the promotion of low-carbon economy in the machine space will drive the rapid development of new building materials - chemical building materials, among which the development of plastic pipes, plastic profiled doors and windows, energy-saving and temperature insulation materials, plastic wood materials and other products will stand out

Chinaplas 2012 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition (the 26th China International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition) will return to Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 18 to 21, 2012. As a display window for green building materials at home and abroad, it will actively cooperate with the rapid development of China's rubber and plastic industry and meet the global trend of greening. More than 600 exhibitors related to building materials will introduce advanced products, technologies and solutions at home and abroad, Integrate new technologies and newly designed products into the construction industry, and display new materials and innovative products with high technological content and high added value on a large scale to meet the procurement needs of Chinese and foreign buyers. Famous exhibitors in any position of the tensile test clamping device used in the construction industry include DuPont, BASF, Saudi Basic SABIC, Bayer, Mitsubishi, Langsheng, ExxonMobil, Evonik, Taiwan oak, Haitian, Elida, Engel, Ramada, Lijin, Dongyu, Liansu, Ruiya, Xindacheng, Jinhai, Jingcheng, Fangli, Klaus mafi, Jinwei, Xiaoma, Lianguan, etc. The following is a preview of some exhibits:

PolyOne Stan tone color paste is a special colorant specially used for thermosetting polymer building materials. In addition to a wide range of standard colors, Stan tone color paste products can also be customized according to needs; The product formula is specially developed to meet the key application requirements of the building materials industry, including indoor and outdoor UV stability, color stability, chemical stability and thermal stability. Other major advantages include: easy dispersion, good production economic benefits, no heavy metal formula, low toxicity, no impact on the performance of building materials, and colorful colors

the trueweigh extrusion control system of Cornell's single-layer or multi-layer coextrusion production line allows the extruder processor to set the equipment to "cruise control", which can automatically adjust the screw speed and pull-up stick equipment according to the materials entering the extruder. Whether the raw materials, bulk density, environmental conditions or processing variables change, it can maintain a consistent extrusion size and unit weight

the new PVC profile chip free cutting machine mtv125e of Barton Phil Cincinnati has a maximum production speed of 15 meters/minute and a maximum cutting surface of 140x100 mm. The servo motor drives the sawing table, and the cutter is driven by an efficient and energy-saving AC motor. The air cylinder acts as a clamp here. There is no noise in the production process, and the cutting degree is very accurate, so the waste of materials is reduced; Another exhibit is the parallel twin-screw extruder Argos 93 extruder. The maximum output of processing PVC profiles is 380 kg/h, and the maximum output of processing PVC pipes is 650 kg/h. Argos series extruder can bring the maximum production capacity for PVC processing, and can be used in all fields of pipe and profile production and application, especially for impact modification formula

BASF's new UV absorber tinuvin 1600 provides extremely long-term protection for high-performance thermoplastics. It is specially developed to protect the thin layer on the outer surface, which helps to maintain the mechanical properties, color and transparency of plastic plates, films and fibers for a long time. Its excellent ultraviolet absorption capacity can minimize the appearance loss caused by harsh climate environment. Tinuvin 1600 can be used on monolithic and hollow polycarbonate panels to meet the requirements of ultra durable buildings and window applications

"Chinaplas 2012 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition", as a high-tech rubber and plastic platform, has attracted many well-known building materials manufacturers at home and abroad. The pre registered enterprises include Guangdong Zhongke Shunwei new materials, Fujian Yatong, China building materials, Honeywell, China finance group, FV area andina SA, gold group, elidan, Dalian Shide, Tianjin Zhongcai profile, Saint Gobain, Zhejiang Weixing new building materials, jieshijie new materials, IKEA, etc

the scale of this year's Chinaplas 2012 International Rubber and plastic exhibition reached a new high, and the exhibition area is expected to reach 210000 square meters. More than 2700 world-renowned chemical giants and mechanical equipment manufacturers from 35 countries and regions, as well as 13 exhibition groups from Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States gathered on the scene to display a wide range of chemical raw materials and more than 2500 rubber and plastic machinery. The four-day exhibition will also attract more than 100000 professional visitors and more than 100 buyers from 140 countries/regions

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