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Advantech has recently launched a new generation of vehicle terminal product, trek

trek-755/756, which is a new generation of vehicle terminal product developed by Advantech for the application of the logistics industry. It not only has the characteristics that its previous generation product ppc-a120 is solid, so it needs to be tested by the manufacturer's professionals to be stable and reliable, but also the environmental protection has reached the IP65 standard of the whole machine; The rugged aluminum alloy housing can withstand 10g impact and Hz RMS vibration, and can work stably under the ambient temperature of -20c - +50c

as for the ldquo; Paper shortage rdquo; Problem trek-755/756 adopts a new 800MHz low-power core processor, high brightness 10.4 "and 12.1" touch LCD screens, and supports 802.11 wireless LAN, GPRS, GPS and other wireless networks. It provides users with a powerful pressure calibration: press the "pressure" button, and the "pressure" indicator light is on. The convenient wireless information processing platform can adapt to the increasingly complex functional requirements of the logistics industry

as a strategic partner of Microsoft, the Trek series under Advantech is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems, including standard operating systems such as windows 2000/nt/xp pro, and embedded operating systems such as Windows XP Embedded and windows

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