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New type film box with cutting device

common faults of the new type film box with cutting device 4: it mainly solves the problems that the pulling and tightening bearing capacity of films such as fresh-keeping film and the shape structure of microwave oven film that makes it change from aggregated state to loose state is much stronger than its tensile resistance, which is not easy to cut, unhygienic, unsafe, and can not be reused. The utility model is characterized in that both ends of the box body are respectively provided with a seal, the seal is respectively provided with a protruding shaft, and the rolled cylindrical film is sleeved on the protruding shaft. There is a long seam on the box body. There is a group of concave convex grooves in front of the long seam. There is a connecting seat behind the long seam. The connecting seat is connected with the connecting bracket of the box cover to connect the box cover and the box body. At the front of the box cover, Chinese scientists and industry people are focusing on it. When pressing down, the knife falls into the groove of the box body. When in use, lift the front end, pull out the film from the long seam, press down the front end, cut off the film with a toothed knife, and remove the seal to replace the film after using up the film

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