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Why are the main materials of brand wardrobe solid wood particles? Such as Sofia, Europa, canoya, yum, cobolloni, etc. Now let's share with you why the main material of the brand wardrobe is solid wood particles

1. Solid wood particles have stable performance, good nail holding force and light texture, which will not cause too much pressure on the wardrobe, and are not prone to deformation and cracking. It is easy to process, assembly line operation and high cost performance

2. Cost: low cost. After processing into "double decorative panels", cut, pre punch, seal edges, and finally make panel furniture wardrobe. On the other hand, the supply chain advantage of solid wood particles can also reduce costs compared with other multi-layer solid wood, ecological board and log materials

3. Durability, deformation resistance and moisture resistance: the density of solid wood particles is large, because the solid wood particle board is occluded by wood fibers, and the deformation resistance is excellent after lamination. In terms of moisture resistance, the performance is generally relatively high. After coating and edge banding, as long as there is no heavy pressure in the horizontal direction, there is little chance of deformation affected by the use environment

4. Low processing difficulty: solid wood particle boards with different finishes can be cut by automatic equipment during processing. After cutting, preset holes/embedded wires can be made through special positioning fixtures and drilling tools. Finally, the machine automatically seals the edges, puts in the required eccentric rod screws, wooden wedges, handles and other accessories, automatically packs and packs them, and the installer assembles the furniture, which has a very good effect

5. Fastening ability: solid wood particle board has good nail holding force, which is not easy to cause layered expansion or damage to the board

6. Surface coating: the coating of solid wood particle board has excellent performance in moisture resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, smoke and scald resistance, fire resistance, impact resistance and cost

7. Most of the main materials of big brand wardrobe are solid wood particle board, because solid wood particle board has many purchase channels and high cost performance. So far, Xiaobian believes that solid wood particles are suitable for transitional families. If conditions permit, you can choose multi-layer solid wood, ecological board, log. Its durability, home environmental protection, and quality of life are higher than solid wood particle board. I hope the above sharing will be useful to you. You can customize the whole room customized cabinets (wardrobe, shoe cabinet, bookcase, cabinet, hanging cabinet, tatami, wine cabinet, etc.), multi-layer solid wood, solid wood particles, ecological board, logs, and various materials. You can choose your own wood products factory and manufacturer's wholesale price. Welcome owners who need customized cabinets to come to know. Your customization hotline: 8290187918973123605, qq:2556308097 For more details, you can enter http://www.yangze88.com 。





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