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In a short period of ten years, the cabinet industry has undergone great changes from the "whole industry chain" to the "green industry chain". From raw material production to terminal sales, such a "whole industry chain" model has gradually failed to meet the strategic objectives of today's sustainable development of enterprises. As the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the mainstream consumption concept has also changed, many large cabinet enterprises have embarked on a "green industrial chain" development path

the purpose of "green industrial chain" is to be green and natural, low-carbon and environmental protection, and take the path of sustainable development. Under this mode, enterprises cannot simply pursue profit maximization, but should focus on how to reduce resource waste, make rational use of resources, reduce environmental pollution, and then realize profit maximization on this basis. Raw material production, processing and manufacturing, logistics, sales and after-sales service should be green. Only enterprises that are green in all links can be called a real "green industrial chain"

the earth's resources are increasingly scarce, and the intensification of deforestation has directly led to the rising price of raw materials. At present, cabinet enterprises that spend money on purchasing imported raw materials may be at a disadvantage temporarily, but once the price of imported raw materials is high, large cabinet enterprises will not only have brand advantages, but also have price advantages. At that time, small cabinet enterprises without green industrial chain will be difficult to survive

cabinet enterprises should take a long-term view and should not covet small profits at present. The pursuit of profit maximization should also be based on green environmental protection. Some cabinet enterprises have been constantly emphasizing how the products are "green", but in the process of production, they are extremely environmentally friendly and do great harm to the natural environment. There are several companies that can truly achieve the green industrial chain. Cabinet enterprises have been uniformly labeled with the labels of "green", "low carbon" and "environmental protection" for product research and development

it can be seen that actively developing "substitutes" has become a clear sign of the green industrial chain. Perhaps in the near future, green and environmentally friendly cabinets will occupy the mainstream consumer market, perhaps "new cabinets" that are still under development





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