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To make room for the study in small houses is really a headache for novices in decoration

it is really a headache for novice decorators to make room for the study in small houses. It is a design skill to make better use of space and let the small study store furniture properly. Now let's see how the famous craftsman bangyuan plays with the study and provides new tricks for its storage

in the combined design of the top cabinet and the overall wall cabinet and low cabinet, the wall space is used without compressing the space, so as to achieve the visual expansion effect. Multi style storage design meets the needs of life

Zhongshan store design - study tatami

How can modern study lack tatami? The tatami customized according to the characteristics of the house type not only makes perfect use of the space and maximizes the storage space, but also is a good place for leisure and entertainment

Jiangsu Xuzhou point design - study tatami

tatami with automatic lifting table is more convenient for guests to chat. Drawer type and open storage design, the storage of large and small items is not a problem

Jiangsu Xuzhou design - study tatami

for the use of corner positions, corner desks and corner cabinets are indispensable. The corner design makes the overall space more compact

Shishan store design - children's room bookcase, desk

the combined design of top cabinet and wall cabinet can make use of the wall space and make the placement of piano not abrupt

the study is not only a place for reading and working, but also a place for home storage, but also a place to relax. Therefore, you can't just focus on practical storage, regardless of style and beauty

Zhongshan store - study tatami





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