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Every step of building a wall is very important. Don't ignore it because it is small. From the step of selecting bricks, every brick is an important part of building a wall, so we should pay attention to every step. The following is divided into five steps to introduce how to build walls

1. Brick selection: bricks with neat edges and corners, no bending cracks, uniform color and basically the same specification should be selected before bricklaying

2. Disc angle: before masonry, the disc angle should be carried out first, and the height of each disc angle should be 3— 5 layers of bricks are appropriate, and the corner should be checked timely and accurately with a hanging line and guiding rule. Any deviation shall be repaired at any time. The plate angle should be strictly compared with the vertical elevation of the chassis line and the number of poles, and the horizontal mortar joint should be uniform. The corners shall be inspected and repaired in time to keep the new corners flat and vertical. Only when the allowable deviation value specified in the inspection and evaluation standard is fully met, can the line be hung for bricklaying

3. Hanging lines: when building a wall with a thickness of one and a half bricks or more, hang lines on both sides in time for masonry. When building a brick thick clean water wall and mixed water wall. External hand line shall be hung for masonry. If the working face is long, how can the decoration save more money? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. When several people use a through line, a thread take-up point should be set in the middle of the working face; This thread take-up point should be the corner point of both ends or “ The starting point of the wall shall be aligned through the threading; The horizontal mortar joint shall be uniform, straight and smooth

4. Setting of structural column horse tooth rubbing: the masonry retaining horse tooth rubbing requires to retreat first and then advance. Five bricks should be retreated from each floor to the foot, and then five bricks should be picked out for horse tooth rubbing. The rubbing width is 60mm and the rubbing height is 300mm, so as to ensure that the column foot is a large section

5. Bricklaying: the bricklaying should be staggered up and down, and built inside and outside. During masonry, the upper stay wire adopts a shovel of ash, a brick and a squeeze “ 3、 One brick laying method. During masonry, the mortar shall be beaten evenly and leveled first, and the bricks shall be placed flat. During base masonry, the line must be followed, and the left and right adjacent areas must be aligned




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